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Nudist Camp Romp
Views: 7654 · Posted: 4 year ago

Generally a nudist camp is not where you go to have sex or meet many sexually attractive people: most are not, but they are nice folks who have a common bond: not wearing clothes during everyday life. It is not a sexual place, but what goes on behind closed doors or out of sight is entirely your... Click to Read More

The Walking Holiday
Views: 4167 · Posted: 4 year ago

As I lived alone most of the time, I decided that it would be a good idea to have quite a sociable holiday. When I was looking at what was available I noticed that most holidays, which involved groups of people, were very active or even extreme sporting holidays which was not my thing at all.... Click to Read More

The Bus Tour
Views: 4275 · Posted: 4 year ago

I never expected the trip on the bus around Glasgow to be any more than a bus tour but it led to rather more fun that I had hoped for. I was visiting the city and so decided that to find out more about it and also to be able to see some of the main attractions, it would be best to hop on the bus and take... Click to Read More

The Shop Floor
Views: 4481 · Posted: 4 year ago

I knew that when I started work at the factory I would be working with lots of men but I didn't expect things to turn out the way that they did.

There was not a uniform for the company but I knew that the work could be messy as we would be working with oily parts and so I bought myself a pair of... Click to Read More

The Curry Delivery
Views: 3416 · Posted: 4 year ago

It was a cold winter night and I just could not be bothered to cook. I had a streaming cold as well and decided that something with chilli, garlic and onion would probably help me to feel a lot better and clear my system a bit. I thought that I would order a nice curry, it would cheer me up, save me... Click to Read More

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