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When I Was On Top

I have a friend of mine who works as an executive consultant for members of the banking industry and his job entails a lot of international travel. I enjoy looking after his pad and vehicle while he is overseas so frequently I deliver his hot sports car for servicing or take it for a work out around... Click to Read More

Nudist Camp Romp

Generally a nudist camp is not where you go to have sex or meet many sexually attractive people: most are not, but they are nice folks who have a common bond: not wearing clothes during everyday life. It is not a sexual place, but what goes on behind closed doors or out of sight is entirely your choice. One... Click to Read More

The Walking Holiday

As I lived alone most of the time, I decided that it would be a good idea to have quite a sociable holiday. When I was looking at what was available I noticed that most holidays, which involved groups of people, were very active or even extreme sporting holidays which was not my thing at all. However, I... Click to Read More

The Bus Tour

I never expected the trip on the bus around Glasgow to be any more than a bus tour but it led to rather more fun that I had hoped for. I was visiting the city and so decided that to find out more about it and also to be able to see some of the main attractions, it would be best to hop on the bus and take a trip... Click to Read More

The Shop Floor

I knew that when I started work at the factory I would be working with lots of men but I didn't expect things to turn out the way that they did.

There was not a uniform for the company but I knew that the work could be messy as we would be working with oily parts and so I bought myself a pair of men's... Click to Read More

The Curry Delivery

It was a cold winter night and I just could not be bothered to cook. I had a streaming cold as well and decided that something with chilli, garlic and onion would probably help me to feel a lot better and clear my system a bit. I thought that I would order a nice curry, it would cheer me up, save me having... Click to Read More

The Dancing Lessons

I have always liked the idea of learning to dance. It is something which I have wanted to do ever since I watched dancing programs as a child. The problem is that I am very self conscious when on the dance floor and so the only opportunities that I had to dance, such as at parties I went to as a child,... Click to Read More

The Party

I never looked forward to my Mothers parties that much. She was a good hostess, always had plenty of good food and drinks but the guest list is not that good. She invites all of her family and although it is great to see them all and catch up with their news it is not exactly the sort of party I like to go to. I... Click to Read More

The Boat

I always thought that it would be really good fun having a boating holiday. I had imagined how lovely it would be to sit up on deck and sunbathe and listen to the sea and the sea birds as well as the calm of it. I thought that bobbing about would be very comforting and great fun. However, when I did eventually book... Click to Read More

The Take Out

I was feeling really hungry on my walk home from town and decided to pop into McDonalds to get a quick snack. I had a few pounds to spend so got a cheap burger and fries and sat down to eat it. I was eating really quickly because I was a bit embarrassed to be there. I did not want to see certain friends there as... Click to Read More

The Snow

When the snow started falling I was at work. It did not seem that hard, looked very pretty and everything was getting a light dusting. I carried on and only looked up again an hour later to see that several inches had now fallen and it was now blizzard conditions out side. I left my office to see that most people... Click to Read More

The Supermarket

I never thought that I would meet a man while I was shopping. Well obviously you meet a lot of people, but not one that I would get intimate with. I often shopped late at night because I did not need a lot of sleep and I just found it easier when there were no children and old people around. It made things... Click to Read More