Nudist Camp Romp

Generally a nudist camp is not where you go to have sex or meet many sexually attractive people: most are not, but they are nice folks who have a common bond: not wearing clothes during everyday life. It is not a sexual place, but what goes on behind closed doors or out of sight is entirely your choice.

One summer day my (now ex) wife and I attended the camp because it was summertime, the sun out, the lake was inviting, and we finally had a free weekend. There were quite a few people there, and one couple who were new members had brought a female friend. They had placed their blanket near ours on the grass just west of the dock. We started chatting and got along well enough.

I conversed with the single female whom I will call Debbie, a pale, natural, only slightly overweight woman while my wife was out swimming. She was going through a divorce and had come today to be with her friends as a distraction. We yakked as her friends came and left and my wife came and left.

The sun was getting really low and everyone decided to have a potluck in the communal kitchen. After dinner, everyone cleaned up. The recreation room had a large picnic table in the middle, and the loft held sleeping bags for guests and family members.

A cribbage game got started and Debbie and I ended up being partners. She sat directly across from me - both of us still nude sitting on towels. We were kicking everyone's butt getting hands of 20 and 21 consistently. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, but it was getting late, some folks headed for the loft and our game began to wind down. My wife went to bed in our camper.

Suddenly her foot was running up the inside of my leg and I casually glanced at her and she smiled at me. Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, I reciprocated and she grabbed my foot and put it on her thigh.

I asked if she wanted to sauna and she said she did, so the two of us headed for the sauna and were the only two in there. She laid on her towel on the top shelf and I the opposite way on the bottom shelf so I could sneak a peek at her pussy.

We got hot after a time and decided to take a shower. Everyone had gone to bed, so we were alone. I offered to wash her back and she handed the soap; smearing her smooth skin with soap and washing and rinsing, starting at her shoulders and working my way south. Reaching her full and curvy buttocks, I skipped to washing her legs from the feet going north. Her calves were strong, her thighs firm. Wow, I was beginning to react to the sensual feeling of her skin. Washing the outside of her thighs, I finally got to the inside of her thighs and worked my way up. When my hands got to the softest part of her thighs, she opened her legs. Now my hand brushed her pubic hair, and I washed it, too. She turned around and I washed her entire body: her breasts, her thighs, and thoroughly washed her pussy.

My erection told the story and she reciprocated. It was hot!

We rinsed and dried off and sat on the couch in the recreaction room. Suddenly she leaned over and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking on me. I looked around and everyone was asleep.

The problem was that I was having a hair trigger, so I pulled her off and me and knelt between her legs, opening them so I could see her intimate place fully. Full pubic hair is so hot, and the heat from her body was intoxicating. I licked her pussy, kissed her clit, and held her thighs in my hands.

She pulled me up to her face and my penis brushed her pussy. She opened her legs and her wetness accepted the head of my cock which I thrust bare into her.

I asked if she would prefer to go to the dock, so we grabbed our towels and walked to the dock which was a hundred yards away. We walked hand in hand to the dock, my erection covered by the towel but not diminished in its intensity.

We laid the towels on the dock and enjoyed the stars. Soon she was sucking me, and I went down on her in a 69. Neither of us were fooling the other, we wanted to fuck. We positioned ourselves in a missionary position, and she opened her pussy for my bareback cock. I entered her slowly and fully until our pubic bones were touching. My strokes were deliberate, and I looked into her eyes.

The only light was from the dockhouse where the canoes sit. The warm air on our nakedness was wonderful, but these experiences can only last so long. Soon I was thrusting harder, and her breasts were bobbing up and down with each burial inside her.

I asked her if I could cum inside her as a courtesy. Her response was to wrap her legs around me so I could not pull out if I wanted. With her thigh flesh soft and open and the welling of semen inside me building, I finally timed my thrust so that the first squirt would be placed next to her cervix. I froze for an instant as her hairy pussy was seeded. Stroking slowly and increasing intensity, her orgasm increased and her cervix contracted to accept my sperm. We gazed into each other's eyes as we finished our orgasms, having mated in the most intense and intimate way. We laid in each other's arms for a long time.

I noticed that someone walked away from the dockhouse: it was one of the guys with whom we had played cribbage. He had watched our sex from a dark place and we did not know it.

My cum ran down her thighs when we walked back to shower.

When my wife found out the next day what we did, she was so pissed off that she invited Debbie to our camper for dinner, where we ate and then had a threesome - where my wife sucked on me and then Debbie climbed on; then they switched, my wife came, and then Debbie sat on me while my wife watched me cum inside her again.

It didn't dawn on me until twenty years later that she said she had wanted a child - and I suspect she was breeding with me. I never saw her again, but I fantasize about her a lot. And knowing then what I believe now, I would insert my penis into her hairy vagina bareback again and try to recycle for second round.

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